samedi 26 mai 2012

The one whose HIV-positive status was fortuitously discovered.

A consultation room, i don't remember which one. Sixth year.

The next patient is about to enter.
I bend to read her file so that I will know her better before she takes place in front of the desk. The physician who is my tutor let me do it, clicking on his computer.

Then, I read it. On top, among the antecedents.
This infectious diseases specialist's sentence : "We do recall that this is a patient of X years whose HIV-positive status was discovered fortuitously".
I frown and turn tawards the physician when she enters.

Thirty-something, comely, a round and smiling face. She sits to discuss about the topic of the consultation, which as nothing to do with her random serologies.
I try to picture her later, when things might not be as steady as they seemed to be.
The consultation is over, she leaves.
I have absolutely no idea of what they talked about.
I was obsessed over and over again with those two words "fortuitously discovered".
How is that even possible ? How can someone turn a sentence like that ?

I sometimes meet one of my friend in the street fortuitously. Sometimes, i decide fortuitously what i am going to have for dinner.
Casually. By chance.

And however much I think about this sentence over and over again, if one day my physician happens to announce me that he has fortuitously find out something about me like HIV, hepatitis C, syphilis or, I don't know, pregnancy, well, I am not exactly sure about what might fortuitously cross his desk right in his face.

I know that I absolutely don't know this woman, who she is, what she thinks or what she feels about her sickness. And I am usually one of those who likes to ease things off.
But this very sentence shocked me. And I think that, no matter what I do, i will always find it highly disturbing.So, until I figure it out, be careful about what could, fortuitously of course, happen to you after you've read that note.

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